Shriners Creed
        Shriners believe in God and that he created man to serve his purpose, among which is service to others in his name. We believe that care for the less fortunate, especially children who suffer from burns and crippling diseases, is our institutional calling. We are patriots, each willing to serve his country with fidelity and courage. We cherish independence under law and freedom with responsibility. We honor family. We respect our parents, wives and children. We should instill in our children the tenets of this creed and the heritage from which it emanates. As individuals we pledge ourselves to integrity, virtue and nobility of character. Our intentions will be honorable, our relations will be trustworthy and our spirits forgiving of each other. As brothers we offer each other fraternal affection and respect. Together we will support each other in adherence to this creed, so that we and our communities will be the better because of our fraternity and it's principles. As Shriners we look beyond ourselves to serve the needs of others, especially children who cannot help themselves. We believe Shriners Hospitals to be the world's greatest philanthropy, and we covenant with each other to support it's " temples of mercy" with spirit, time, talent and means.


Illustrious Bruce Leibman
Potentate 2014 - 2015

Office: 2428 Main Street
Stratford CT 06615 (203)876-2811
Office Hours
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month 10am to 5pm
Mondays and Thursdays 9am to 3:30pm
Contact info
Recorder, Illustrious Barry Ronner
Office Phone: 203-876-2811

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